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Return Policies

Textbook Return Policy

1. The Cash register receipt is required for cash, credit card, check, and student ID returns. 
2. Student ID is required for book voucher returns. 
3. Books cannot be returned without a signed add/drop form. 
4. New books must be clean and unmarked. No evidence of names, marks, highlights, or bent covers. If the book was in shrink wrap at the time of purchase, the book/original contents must be in the original unbroken shrink-wrap for refund. 
Sportswear/Gift/Supply Return Policy
1. Cash register recipt is required with a photo ID. If there is not a recipt- merchandise may be exchanged within 30 days of the purchase date. 
2. A refund will only be given within 30 days of purchase if mnerchandise is not washed, damaged, and original tags are on the item. 
3. General supplies and gift items are returnable if the item is in the original packaging and is within the 30 days of the purchase date. 
Online Order Return Policy 
1. If your order arrived dammaged, the wrong item was sent, or an item is missing from your order; you must notify the bookstore staff within a week of the package's arrival in order to have a claim processed. 
2. Once you have notified the staff you will be sent an "order claim" to have a new item sent/exchanged for the missing/damaged item. 
3. In this claim you will need to provide photos of the package contents and of the damaged/incorrect item. The bookstore staff has full descrission to go forward with or deny the claim made by the customer. 
4. Once a claim has been processed you will have the choice a refund made to your account or a new item sent to replace the damaged or missing one. If an item is sent by mistake, the original item must be returned to the bookstore before your claim can be fulfilled. The bookstore will not progress further with your claim until the incorrect item is recieved. The bookstore will be responsible for any damaged products and for products that were sent by mistake. If the wrong size is ordered or a product is purchased by mistake, the shipping cost will fall on the customer. 
If there are any questions about the claim process or you need to file a claim for a current order please email